A Guide to Los Angeles Public car auctions


If you want to live or work in Los Angeles, it is important that you have a car. Sure, there is public transportation, but if you’re going around the center, it is just too slow and inconvenient for getting the huge metropolis. Almost everyone in LA car owner. It makes Los Angeles a great place to find public car auctions.

There are numerous public car auction in Los Angeles, and it’s pretty easy to find out about them. One of the best places to start is with the official police garages or OPGs. These are the city garages that have public responsibilities of delay and implementation of confiscated cars in LA. Several hundred thousand vehicles are seized by the LAPD every year. Of those, about two-thirds are redeemed by the owners, but the rest of the cars will be city property and are sold through public auctions car. The OPGs keep these auctions, known officially as the mortgage auction sale of vehicles, once a week. You can contact the next OPG to find out when a public auction conducted. The auctions help the city of Los Angeles to make unpaid fees but offer the opportunity to the public to pay and buy cars at low prices.

There are also a number of companies in Los Angeles and its outlying areas to keep the public car auctions. Search for “auto auction” online search turned up 26 business around LA to hold regular auctions. Some of these companies specialize in certain types of vehicles. For example, Spectrum Auction Co. in North Hollywood and Palm Springs exotic car auctions specialize in auctions of classic and luxury cars. Other companies hold auctions specifically for towing or recovery vehicle.

Public car auctions are open to all, but it is important that you register in advance. To sign up for public auction, you need to provide the appropriate credentials. You may also need to pay some nominal registration fee. Once you have registered, you will be assigned a bidding number, which will be presented to the auctioneer when you make an offer. Only people with numbers tenders may participate in the auction.

cars in public auctions are sold “as is” and the potential bidder must have “let the buyer beware” attitude. However, this is usually the inspection period for auction, to make place for a day or two or even several hours. You should take advantage of the inspection fee period to see what is available and get an idea of ​​the quality of the vehicle.


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