How to get the money to start a Self Storage Auction business


If you know anything at all about self storage auction business, then you know that it is impossible to even think about getting into it without some “seed” money. After all it is not going to do you any good to go on the auction unless you have money to pay with – right? So you want to start, but can not even get out of the gate because you have not got any money.

Here are some ideas that might be able to get you in the first unit and perhaps turn your financial life around in the process. I put this in my priority, but you should make your decision based on where you are happy

· Selling some stuff -. A new business is going to be to sell peoples personal items still so why not start your own. Do not be so attached to “things” devices. You will be better off with the cash value of things that have been stored away or collect dust to purchase other valuables that can be worth more money. If you can develop an inventory of valuable items that are “always” for sale, you will never worry about money. As long as you keep updating stock in your products, wealth will always be there. Most people do not think they have any money do not realize that they could have the money available to them if they would be willing to give up a few things. I recently went through the garage and sell a lot of valuable tools and things that I have not used in years. Part of me did not want to do it because I was attached to something because I was not sure when I might need to use it again. But the money I made gave me the buying power to purchase other items and resell them for a profit. I realized that if I can get me to a point where I do enough, I can go back to buy what I got rid of if I need one of them down the road

· save up money -. This can be good for the soul as well as your wallet. If you really want to get into this business, then prove it to yourself by changing spending habits and saving money in the sock drawer until you have enough to get started. The main reason why people do not save money because they do not give a reason. Well, this may be the reason. You will have a tremendous sense of accomplishment if you can save up even $ 1,000, and it is a mind that when you start a new venture. In addition, you can spend the time it takes to save up money to go check out the auction, gain experience, and be ready when you have money.

· take the Partner – This is the last option body simply because I think that cooperation can mean big trouble. However, if you have a friend or family member who is willing to “bankroll” you, then you may want to take advantage of it. Another advantage is that team work can pay huge dividends in this business in terms of replacing all the work that needs to be done. The only problem is that profits get divided up, too. If you are not looking to have to answer to someone else, then you may want to see if they want to become a silent partner. In this type of arrangement you agree to do all the work and give them a percentage if they just want to let you use their money to buy units. Once you’ve done enough to go out on your own, you can pay back your investors along with a nice return. Everybody wins.

The cool part about self storage auction business is that it can be a very profitable venture and it does not take a whole lot to get into. Most companies require a lot of equipment or office space for rent; supplies need to be purchased, energy bills, the cost of all types. You can start in this industry by having some time and little money. If you are broke and this company sounds like the answer you have been looking for, then use one of the methods that I have described and to start today. In fact, there is no reason why someone should not be able to acquire at least $ 1000 in a short time and be on your way to great financial future.


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