Police Auctions -? Cars for $ 100


We’ve all heard claims cars selling for $ 100 a police auction, but it is behind the claims? Did you ever wonder where the seized property and cars sold in the auction of the police or government auction is?

Almost every state has called “seizure laws”. These laws allow law enforcement agencies to seize property that was used to commit a crime or was purchased with money that was gained by committing a crime. This means that if a drug dealer is arrested, the police can logical that their assets were purchased with illegal drug money. That allows police to seize cars, trucks, boats, homes, and even jewelry and clothing. This includes property given to family and friends. If the purchase of goods can be traced back to the offender, it can be seized. If a person is convicted, all this property will eventually end up in a police auction. Seizure law is a useful tool for law enforcement agencies, particularly against organized crime and drug dealers.

other merchandise that shows up in a police auction or government auction comes to those of good citizens who abandoned property and turn it into the police hope they can find the owner. If the rightful owner does not meet the requirement that a certain amount of time, it enters the auction.

Another source of merchandise is data collected when the police make an arrest. Sometimes law enforcement will arrest the thief or organized ring of thieves who have warehouses where they stored the stolen goods for later resale. Sometimes, especially in the case of chop shops, which are locations where luxury cars and trucks are dismantled for their parts, it is impossible to determine the rightful owners. After all, a car stereo looks pretty much like another. While every effort is made to return this merchandise to the rightful owner, there is always something that left unclaimed. Sometimes the whole warehouse of stolen goods, and building can be taken by law enforcement and sold.

Some vehicles that appear in auctions and police auctions government are vehicles that have been drawn by police or their authorized representatives for several reasons. Some have been involved in an accident and need to be removed from the street and some are drawn for illegal parking. A small proportion of these vehicles are never claimed. After legal proceedings to return these vehicles to their owners fail, the police can put them up for auction.

How you buy these cars, trucks and other goods? Every day, hundreds of state and local police departments keep these police auctions. Fortunately, there are web sites that list. A membership with one of these places you can buy it seized, surplus and abandoned property up to 90% of the market

good discussion of these government-backed Police Auctions Auction sites are :. Government Auction Site Reviews .


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